New York based artist Shelly Luan brings a wealth of influences to her art resulting in a tremendously varied trove of work.  Born and raised in China, she studied in France and traveled the world - her personal journey resulting in a unique mixture of culture and sensibility. 

Shelly’s prolific artworks, produced in prodigious quantities and variety, utilize a wide range of media (such as watercolor, pen and ink, acrylics and oil) and diverse subjects.  Some of her favorites include animals - especially cats, sea creatures, and floral/botanical nature scenes. Lately, she has been painting more landscapes and urban scenes -- literally nothing in the visual world is beyond her notice or interest. 

Notably, whether the piece is portraying a moment, mood, life or scenery, it exudes liveliness in delicate fluidity. With the subtle but persistent presence of the traditional Chinese watercolor’s ethereal lightness, one can detect the signature allure of Shelly’s art - her ludic, playful and joyful way of experiencing life.  Her aim is to move the viewer to momentarily abandon their quotidian concerns and enter her magical world.